Thursday, October 17, 2019

Presentation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Presentation - Essay Example He demonstrates this by pulling a trick on the people using himself as the test for his antidote. Through an earlier worked out plan, he gets an accomplice to provide a poisonous snake that has had its venom drawn and fakes being poisoned by the bite of this snake. He goes through the throes of poisoning, only to survive when everyone has given him up for dead. This convinces the gullible onlookers of the potency of his poison antidote and there is a rush for purchasing it. Among these gullible customers are the marines and admiral of a visiting cruiser. It is during this episode that Blacaman the Bad comes in contact with a poor boy for whom he develops a fancy, because he has a face of an idiot. He pays the father of the boy and takes him under his wing. From then on the boy is a part of the fancy world of deceiving gullible people, assisting his mentor in the deceptions. The boy expresses a desire to be a soothsayer, but is found to be of no use, as he is incapable of delivering credible prophesies, and so he is put back to work at assisting his mentor in creating various devices of supposedly incredible capabilities. However, bad times soon fall on Blacaman the Bad and his incredible devices and potions are no longer selling. Blacaman the Bad decides to return the worthless boy back to his father and get his money back. Before he can execute this further misfortune falls on Blacaman the Bad. The admiral, who had bought the useless antidote for poisons, dies attempting to demonstrate its potency like Blacaman the Bad did. The marines return looking for Blacaman the bad to wreck vengeance, and so Blacaman the Bad flees with his protà ©gà ©. This flight puts them in a desolate land in which they almost die of hunger. Believing that all his misfortune is due to the boy he has taken under his wing, he puts him in a dungeon and tortures him and does not give him

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