Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Business and Ethics. Which global dimensions of collective existence Essay

Business and Ethics. Which global dimensions of collective existence are more often cited in moral considerations of global busi - Essay Example All moral ethics should be considered while developing the structure of an organization. This is the key to success for firms and it will make them flourish in the international market. â€Å"Indeed there are several factors triggering international convergence of ethical standards and ethical perceptions. A variety of initiatives by MNC’s, non governmental organizations, governments and international organizations have promoted this tendency. These efforts, along with the critical role of information technology in disseminating news and practices around the world, have elevated the forces working towards universal forms† (Yadong Luo, 2007, P. 207). Although due to globalization world now faces many challenges including the migration and condition children. The current process of globalization has impacted on patterns ad processes of transnational labour migration and has more recently led to increase in labour migration. Migration has bought about many opportunities fo r different family members. it is common that older family members finds it difficult to adjust t a new culture living style but children finds experience such a situation differently. Some of them easily cope up with the situation easily but others may find it difficult to adapt to such a situation. The migration can have mixed experiences. A recent survey points out that children of the same area have different experience on migration. But a common fact is that when migration is occurred from normally under developed section to developed area with aim a livelihood, the experience is rough for most of the families especially for children. Such situation ca mainly leads to child labour, rough, long working conditions and under payment. â€Å"The brief survey of the current wave of globalization on children shows just how large are the transformational in so many critical parts of the ordinary life† (Kaufman & Rizzini, 2002, P.16). Line of Argumentation: With the present situa tion of labour and the condition of the migrant labour it is necessary to consider the life of the people who suffers from the worst side of all these. With globalization the purpose of migration is mainly employment and the migrant labour especially children are suffering from the change situation. So it is important consider the moral values behind these process in order to protect the people from all these. â€Å"Under contemporary globalization, international labour mobility has increased, while levels of exploitation and deregulation have accelerated. Lack of legal protection for migrant workers heightens their attractiveness as instruments of 'maintaining competitiveness' because they are obliged to work in situations where decent work conditions are not enforced. Irregular migrants are especially vulnerable because the threat of apprehension and deportation thwarts unionizing and exposure of dangerous working conditions† (Taran & Geronimi, 2003). For an organization to be successful in the global market, internal and external issues regarding the organization as well the migrant labour and their families is to be considered. â€Å"From the perspective of social responsibility, business ethics embodies standards, norms and expectations that reflect a concern of major stake holders including consumers, employees, share holders, suppliers, competitors and the community†

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