Thursday, October 17, 2019

ABC Hospital Risk Management Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

ABC Hospital Risk Management Plan - Essay Example The risk management plan developed for ABC Hospital is aimed to establish closer connection and collaboration between the departments of the Hospital and the services they provide in order to improve the overall service delivery. In addition, it identifies, investigates and management of accidents, injuries and other events and the process will be directed by the risk manager on managing adverse events occurring with patients, employees and other organizational assets. The risk management plan will affect, persuade and educate staff of the above mentioned departments in order to improve quality of care within the safe environment and protect resources of ABC Hospital. These departments are the Administration, Billing Services, Business Development, Clinical Services, Health Information and Privacy Management, Employee Health, Human Resources, Infection Control, Legal Services, Medical Equipment, Relations with patients, Quality and Improvement of Performance, Safety Management and En vironment of Care and Security Management. Resources needed for Risk management plan implementation will include meetings with staff and initiatives directed toward support of team efforts, training and development of skills necessary for better provision of services. A Quality and Improvement of Performance department will assist with the collection of data for evaluation of what should be improved and what goals should be reached.

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