Wednesday, October 16, 2019

For an organization to achieve its business strategy, leadership and Essay

For an organization to achieve its business strategy, leadership and management development is key - Essay Example The roles of both the leaders and managers require training and support so as to make best use of their effectiveness. Leadership and management development involves different practices that are necessary for making the best use of a companys human resource (Storey 2004). Training of employees helps to offer critical skills and information that will catapult an organization to a higher level and compete with other organizations effectively. Leadership and management development is important to businesses because it gives the owners of the business an opportunity to the performance of employees. Training of managers will positively influence employees within a company or business (Fulmer 2007). Leadership and management development enables a business to provide managers with the skills and capability necessary for their respective tasks and make the business succeed. A company that boasts of an effective leadership and management development programs improves the productivity of workers since the programs allow the workers to be motivated. Motivated employees will lead to higher productivity hence the success of the organization. The internal development allows an organization to furnish its employees with the right skills that the organization needs instead of generalizing skills (Fulmer 2007). Employee development helps to retain younger managers who may require an opportunity to grow through training with the organization. Many companies train talented employees on different facets of their jobs, although a section of them may not succeed in providing personal support to the employees. To avoid making such mistakes, managers ought to take a keen interest in the future of their juniors by mentoring them. Young employees need guidance from experienced leaders so as to avoid making mistakes when they must make a decision for the organization. Socialization programs such as offering mentorship can familiarize new leaders with the vision,

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