Thursday, January 9, 2020

Historical Background / Events That Helped The Tainui Iwi...

Explain the historical background/ events which led to the Tainui Iwi claims and the settlement process. Include in your discussion a brief description of the actions of the Crown in the 1860s and later, and impact this had on Tainui. Write about 400 – 500 words. In the early 1850s, Maori in the North Island was under pressure from the European settlers to satisfy their needs of land. Kiingitanga was first made in 1858, it was formally known as The King Movement. Kiingitanga wanted to make the Maoris aware of the number of European settlers that were increasing. Kiingitanga ensured the Maoris do not to give up their land to the settlers. Pootatau Te Wherewhero controlled the Kiingitanga. Lands were confiscated originally due to Maori tribes not agreeing to the Crown, this had an effect on the Maori people to respect and agree with Crown, because they were not willing to give up their land. When Maoris agreed not to sell their lands and agree with the crown regarding confiscation, later Pootatau Te Wherewhero made it final by terminating Europeans from buying land, so this would protect the Maori. In the 1860s, conflict arose amongst the Europeans and the Maori, as a result a war broke out between them. The Waikato tainui area was invaded in July 1863 by the crown military. Communities that supported Kiingitangi were forced of the waikato when the war was happening. In 1865 waikato lands were confiscated and the crown took authority over the Waikato River. Confiscation

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